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For you who values the creation of a complementary financial flow to your income, in a convenient, fast and safe way, we present ATLANTICO's Term Deposit.

A 365-day financial investment, with an increasing rate up to 18% (TANB)*, with a minimum deposit of AOA 100,000.00

The ATLANTICO Term Deposit offers:

Exclusivity for new resources

Increasing rates with quarterly interest payments

Guaranteed profitability, with 100% of the capital invested


  • Gross Annual Nominal Rate* (TANB) up to 18% at 365

  • No renewals allowed

Interest Rate

Interest is calculated daily on the principal invested and not withdrawn at each moment, based on a 365-day year

*TANB: Gross Annual Nominal Rate>

Amount 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Kz 100 000* 6,00% 9,50% 13,00% 18,00%


Interest is credited to the current account and is not subject to capitalization.

Conditions for transactions

  • Minimum subscription amount of AOA 100 000.00;
  • Allows top-ups with new resources;
  • No renewals allowed;
  • No early, partial or total redemption allowed;
  • Full interest penalty;
  • Capital repaid at the end of each quarter, in arrears, by crediting the associated current account.


Interest paid is subject to Capital Gains Tax at a 10% rate, through the withholding tax mechanism.

Guaranteed capital

Capital repaid at the end of the subscribed period, in arrears, by crediting the associated Current Account.

Deposit Guarantee Fund

Applicable, up to a maximum ceiling of AOA 12,500,000.00 under the terms of Article 13(1) and 14 of Presidential Decree No. 195/18, of August 22.

Useful documents

ATLANTICO Term Deposit information sheet
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