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Term deposit available in Kwanzas and US Dollars that make your money grow

The Valor Crescente Term Deposit offers:

Increasing rates and quarterly interest payments

Guaranteed profitability by long terms

Allows for multiple investments

Minimum initial deposit/Maintenance deposit
Kz 100 000 / USD 1000


  • 365 days for investments in Kwanzas / 360 days for investments in US dollars

  • No renewals allowed

Interest Rate

Interest is calculated daily on the principal invested and not withdrawn at each moment, based on a 365-day year (in Kwanzas) or 360-day year (in Dollars and Euros).

Minimum initial deposit/Maintenance deposit 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Kz 100 000 9,00% 10,50% 14,00% 20,00%
USD 1 000 0,25% 0,500% 0,75% 1,00%


Interest is credited quarterly to the current account and is not subject to capitalization

Conditions for transactions

  • No capital increases allowed
  • Allows partial or total early redemption, with a 100% penalty on the interest of the current period


Interest paid is subject to Capital Gains Tax at a 10% rate, through the withholding tax mechanism


Guaranteed capital of the total amount deposited at maturity and in case of early withdrawal

Useful documents

Valor Crescente Term Deposit in Kwanzas information sheet
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Valor Crescente Term Deposit in US Dollars information sheet
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