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ATLANTICO's SMS Mobile allows you to perform the banking operations you need by sending written messages (SMS) from your mobile phone to the telephone number 40411 or any other that the bank may subsequently indicate.

Is it safe to use SMS Banking?

ATLANTICO has as one of its foundational bases the Security in Operations, so yes, SMS Banking is safe because all messages exchanged between the client's mobile phone and ATLANTICO are encrypted and, as such, secure. In addition, the messages circulate secured by the technology called "OTP", which means One-time Password

OTP, What is and What is for?

OTP (One-time Password) is a high-security password, sent via SMS during the authentication process of users in systems. OTP acts as a security barrier that prevents electronic fraud or attempts to steal personal data.

In addition to ensuring greater security and protection for users against hackers, phishing and other fraudulent techniques of personal data theft, the OTP is also useful in blocking machines (robots) generating false profiles that automatically perform consistency tests to systems in an attempt to defraud the validation of tests such as CAPTCHA, cognitive security test used to direct computers and humans ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart").

Precautions you should have with your mobile phone?

  • Don't let your mobile phone (where you have the active service) - accessible to other people, because they, although they can't move their assets (transactions), will be able to get confidential information from it (checking);

  • Delete messages with secret data from your mobile phone as they can be read by others who have access to it;

  • And in case of loss or theft of the mobile phone where SMS Banking is associated, in order for us to help you, it is necessary that you contact the personal assistance of Centro Directo (+244 923 168 168 or +244 226 460 460), available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.