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ATLANTICO Multicaixa Card

ATLANTICO Always Available!

Interbank Transfers Available 24/7 at ATLANTICO

When using your ATLANTICO Multicaixa Card for interbank transfers, the amount is credited to the beneficiary's account the following day, regardless of whether it is a weekend, holiday or day-off.

See here the main benefits:

Practical and secure

The most convenient way to pay for your purchases

Use anywhere

Allows you to make purchases and payments in stores

Discounts on Partners

Access to discounts on Cinemax ticket



Allows cash withdrawals at ATMs, transfers, payment of services, top-ups, balance inquiry and account statements


Allows you to make purchases and payments in stores that are part of the interbank system, throughout the country with no restricted hours


Transactions made using Multicaixa are electronically transferred from the Customer's bank account to the merchant's current account


Access to discounts on Cinemax tickets


Exemption from Issue, Cancellation and Suspension fees

How do I get a duplicate of my ATM transaction receipt?

To do so, follow these steps:

  • At an ATM, insert your Multicaixa Card and enter the PIN code
  • In the Main Menu choose the option Inquiry
  • Choose the option Card Transactions Inquiry
  • Choose the option Duplicate of the Multicaixa receipt
  • Enter the date of the transaction, first the day and then month (for example 0507), i.e., 5 July
  • Choose the transaction from the displayed set of operations.
How to request a new PIN code

  • To request a new PIN code for your Multicaixa card, you just need to go to one of the ATLANTICO branches with your card and ID document
  • A 14% VAT fee is applied to this service.
Conditions for transactions

  • Associated current account
  • Maximum withdrawals per day: AOA 150 000.00
  • Maximum purchases per day: AOA 19 999 999 99
  • Maximum ATM transfers per day: AOA 5 000 000.00

Fees and charges

  • Card replacement*: AOA 2 500.00
  • Blacklisting: AOA 1 000.00

Fees and consideration for financial services are subject to a 14% VAT rate.

Contact us at ATLANTICO DIRECT (+244) 923 168 168 | (+244) 226 460 460 (available 24/7) If your card has been lost or stolen, please contact us at the MULTICAIXA Helpline (+244) 222 641 840 | (+244) 923 168 840 (available 24/7).

*Not applicable in cases of expiry

Useful documents

ATLANTICO Multicaixa Card Information Sheet
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Cardholder Agreement and Delivery of the ATLANTICO Multicaixa Card
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