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At ATLANTICO your salary comes packed with advantages

A Salary Accountis ideal for you because:

Enables authorized overdraft access, (subject to review)

Enables Credit Card access (subject to review)

Enables sending and receiving transfers

Account access via ATLANTICO Direct, 24 hours a day

Minimum opening amount

KZ 20 000

Commission and expenses

The commissions and expenses foreseen in the price list in force apply;


Commission and consideration for financial services are subject to Value Added Tax of 14% in accordance with Art. 12, No. 1 paragraph i of Law No. 7/19 of April 24;

The use of credit through bank overdraft (even if authorized) is subject to Stamp Tax at the rate of 0.1% on the monthly average obtained through the sum of the outstanding balances ascertained daily during the month divided by 30. The debit interest charged is subject to Stamp Tax at the rate of 0.2%


Multicaixa ATLANTICO Card

Meet all the advantages of the Multicaixa ATLANTICO Card

Useful documents

Salary Account Fact Sheet
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Fact Sheet: Mais Kumbu Package
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