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Our Brand

Our Brand

Our brand purpose.

ATLANTICO believes that people can achieve a better life with commitment and determination, through work, knowledge and the will to go further.

Valores para a vida.

Our Bank's signature says a lot about us and summarises our Vision, Mission, Values and Purpose.

Our name.

Banco Millennium ATLANTICO is the name of our institution. ATLANTICO is the name of our brand. Our first name.


The Phi represents universal knowledge. It is through it that ATLANTICO enhances its Talents, helping them to transform their lives for the better and, in this way, the lives of our Customers.

Values for life

ATLANTICO is a Bank of all and for all. We contribute to the growth and development of the country's economy and to transforming the lives of Angolans and our employees.


Governing Bodies

The governance of ATLANTICO is based on a clear and robust model, ensuring the segregation of management, supervision and monitoring functions, in pursuit of the goals and interests of ATLANTICO and all its stakeholders.

Our strategy

Enhancing Talent, Innovation and Information, to serve our Customers with excellence, maximizing the value generated for Society.

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